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FRENZAL RHOMB / Coughing Up A Storm (Stamper)

FRENZAL RHOMB / Coughing Up A Storm (Stamper)

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Includes 2 stampers A+B and certificate. This stamper-set is limited to 1.

The certificate attests the authenticity of this stamper, it‘s exclusivity and it‘s uniqueness. FRENZAL RHOMB „Coughing Up A Storm“ was released/produced by SBÄM Records/Packaged Sounds in 2021.

1. Genius
2, Fraud
3. Run
4. Get Off
5. Hate
6. Suburban Male
7. Don't Speak
8. Sick and Tired
9. Infotainment
10. Dugadugabowbow
11. No Thought
12. 4 Litres
13. Big Paranoia
14. Cones
15. Kaan Kaant

PS: The stamper-set is only a souvenir and does not allow the reproduction of the album!!!